Why Should You Choose Us

Information Empowerment

Fileminders is the leader in Information Management in Cyprus offering solutions that empower its customers to easily use their information resources in their day-to-day decision making. 

Go beyond traditional Information Management to Content Management

Fileminders is leading the future of information management by empowering customers with complete visibility and control over their digital and physical assets from anywhere, any time.

Combine the Management of your Physical and Digital Information

Our integrated solutions help customers make good business decisions while maintaining compliance with increasing regulations and eliminating redundant resources, time and money throughout the entire information life cycle.

Flexible Solutions Offering 

Fileminders’ has moved beyond the traditional Records and Information Management service model. Our offering now includes solutions that encompass all aspects of your physical and digital information for each of your Business Processes e.g. Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Quality Assurance, Mailroom Automation, Licencing and any other transaction based process.  

Industry leading operational standards and systems

Our operational standards are continuously adopted to meet the highest customer requirements for security, confidentiality and governance. All movements are monitored by our state of the art systems. Our own Document Process Platform goes beyond the traditional imaging software by adding content management capabilities that only a few companies have internationally.  

Fileminders’ Information Security System

Fileminders’ has developed its own Information Security System that monitors the security of our key systems on an ongoing basis with the help of external assessors to ensure that we comply with the strictest standards in information management and governance. 

Risk Management 

Our extended industry experience (over 12 years, over 500 clients, over 50 trained staff) forms the basis on which we can advise our clients for the best risk management practices. Our three Records Centers that are located strategically throughout Cyprus not only ensure high level of service for all our clients but also work as redundancy sites for your Business Continuity Plan.


We have the scale, experience, technology

to service our customers physical and digital information management needs;

to make sure that your information is always available 24/7 at your fingertips.

We have your back so that you can focus on your core business.