• We are pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Fileminders Ltd by Iron Mountain Incorporated, the global leader in Enterprise Information Management Services. Focused on our values that have made us a responsible and trusted partner for all of our Clients throughout these years, we further strengthen our leadership presence as part of the world-leading family of Iron Mountain that shares the same values as we do.

    The acquisition is part of Iron Mountain's international strategy to empower its presence and operations in markets where the information management industry is growing rapidly.
    Iron Mountain was founded in 1951 and is considered the world leader in enterprise information management services. The company is headquartered in Boston and has a strong presence in 45 countries worldwide, with more than 1,400 facilities and more than 230,000 clients around the world, including almost all of the FORTUNE 1000 companies.

    Iron Mountain's solutions help customers to lower storage costs, comply with regulations, manage risks, and use the value in their information to grow. Solutions include information and asset storage, records management, data centers, data management and secure shredding.

    Our goal remains to be the trusted guardians of our clients’ most important and valuable assets, securing their present and future value.

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