• For many companies in private and public sector, 2016 was a year of process re-engineering and digital transformation. The goal remains the same for companies: to win competition and acquire market share. In setting out to achieve this, they have focused on improving current, inefficient procedures, so as eventually to be able to focus on their core business and evolve.

    Fileminders has been there to meet these needs and help companies optimize their info-driven business processes. We map and analyse processes; design the right content management solution and help companies reduce paper-handling inefficiencies and improve decision-making, by utilizing valuable business data. This is how quality of service is improved and companies become more competitive.

    The ‘paperless office’ has been a dream for many years. Nearly every document is now originated digitally, but most end up as a paper copy at some stage in their lifecycle. One of the reasons companies are still stuck in paper is because contracts, orders and application forms are still likely to be signed on paper (45%); ‘important stuff’ tends to be referenced and filed (36%) and only 4% are using a digital mailroom to scan inbound mail.

    Digital transformation is becoming the new hot topic among executives. Therefore, in 2017, more companies are expected to take the big step forward and ask for advice and solutions that will finally lead them to the digital era. 

    Focus on methodology rather than technology itself 

    However, do we really know what a digital transformation means and how we can implement it? ‘Change’ has never been the most favoured word, especially when it relates to a shift in corporate culture. With this in mind, finding the right partner who has the experience, expertise and correct approach to communicate this change, is crucial.

    Fileminders has successfully implemented many projects within a variety of sectors and functions, from the financial sector, to the healthcare, legal, retail, SME and government sectors . Fileminders has been continuously innovating, customising solutions for the financial industry in general, and banking in particular. Our solutions have been a long-time enabler and enhancer of different governmental units, public services and departments. In the healthcare industry, we are ensuring all patient information is treated with full confidentiality. Meanwhile, information-heavy operations dependent on an ever-expanding volume of both paper and digital records, such as human resource and accounting departments, rely on us to help them through this transition.

    Empowering data analytics

    Being able to produce a clear vision of an organisation’s information assets and processes is vital toward improving efficiency, agility and responsiveness. With Digital Transformation and Enterprise Content Management, all information is in one place for quick access and control, allowing optimisation of info-driven processes. The next step is to leverage business information more intelligently.

    Thus, the time has come for enterprises of all sizes and types to delve deeper into their business operations, gather and analyse more detailed information about their customers, and utilise their information assets more intelligently. It’s time to view the enterprise more holistically. With an eye on types of data to be collected, where it comes from and how it can be used beyond its original intent, organisations can better identify and understand weaknesses, strengths and opportunities.

    Driven by innovation and agility

    Fileminders is the only company in Cyprus with the expertise and experienced professionals to design your company’s content management strategy, while providing all the necessary tools and resources for its implementation. Our clients can rest assured we will keep evolving our services, providing the best and most innovative solutions while continuing to take them always a step further, accompanied by personal attention and a consistently high level of service.

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