Organizations are struggling while trying to manage the transition to a paperless environment and at the same time keep records for auditing and regulatory purposes. Offices have become increasingly cluttered with paper and filing cabinets. Documents can easily be misplaced and difficult to find.  It is vital that the use of paper is significantly reduced so that employees can finally have instant access to information. This is achieved by converting physical documents into digital form and capturing the necessary data important for each business.

    Why document scanning?

    1. Improve Customer Service with Instant Accessibility: Immediately respond to Customer requests with a holistic customer view for better understanding and management of customer needs.

    2. Gain a Competitive Advantage: Save time and meet strict deadlines to be more efficient and competitive. Increase data accuracy with automated intelligent data capturing, avoiding the possibility for human errors.

    3. Save cost by reducing Overheads: Reduce space and printing costs while saving time from filing and searching of documents. 

    4. Empower Decision Making and Leverage Value: Gain better business insights with a 360-degree view of clients, employees, departments and the organization as a whole.

    Why Outsourcing?

    In-house scanning is every business' nightmare. Document Scanning is not a simple process that can be applied internally. It requires specific expertise, know-how, substantial capital, human investment and most importantly time. Time that organizations could spend on their core business activities instead. The selection of the ideal Outsourcing partner must evaluate criteria like extended experience and expertise, advanced technology infrastructure, fully Integrated Information Management procedures, quality of service and project delivery and response time.

    Why Fileminders?

    Our philosophy is to always be one step ahead of future changes. Based on that our Scan factory operational model key ingredients of success are people, technology and processes. These enable us to add momentum, streamline workflows and increase process visibility to meet Customer expectations and enhance Customer experience.  It elevates the value from just cost-savings to helping our clients also grow revenues.


    Capacity: Α dedicated Scan-factory team of more than 100 employees that always provide the best quality in quick and reliable project delivery time.

    Experience and expertise: Extended industry experience with 13 years in the industry, more than 700 clients from all industries and all sizes and more than 200,000,000 scanned images over the years.

    Employee Engagement: Our philosophy is to deliver the right work to the right personnel at the right time, enabling people to engage in process execution in a manner appropriate to their role.

    Employee Involvement: Process participants work efficiently, effectively, intelligently and transparently, and can participate in process improvement as they innovate daily.


    Specialized System Platform: Our platform provides real time analytics of process, content and business data which help us make informed, effective decisions sooner, as well as providing valuable insights to optimize processes.

    Intelligent Infrastructure and Advanced Technology Equipment: The best industrial Scanners in the market with OCR capabilities in a high efficient scan-factory design environment.

    Fully Integrated Information Management system: Comply with the strictest International standards in information management and governance..


    Agile, fast and flexible: Our well designed processes help us to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and give us the ability to react to event and changes in context, throughput, capacity and workflow. As a result we can automatically respond with new processes and empower knowledge to intervene productivity.

    Quality: We measure quality based on the Voice of Customer (VOC). This process is all about being proactive and constantly innovative to capture the changing requirements of the customers with time. We reinforce VOC awareness by following the Define Measure Analyze Improve Control (DMAIC) methodology associated with Six Sigma. Our process intelligence helps us gain unprecedented insights to achieve operational excellence.

    Security: Our process intelligence monitors, analyses and helps optimize operational business processes to ensure compliance and eliminate risk.


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