• Insurance company AIG Cyprus Ltd first entrusted their records with Fileminders in the year 2007.

    They started out with a Records Management solution based upon their need for storage of an ever-growing bulk of their claims. These claims needed to be managed, stored, filed, retrieved and re-filed correctly and most importantly, securely.

    The transition enabled AIGs’ records to be consolidated and catalogued, with redundant information securely destroyed to reduce the company’s on-going storage costs. The service as a whole provided them with the full management of their inactive files including the timely delivery of any record they requested, 365 days a year.

    In turn this allowed AIG to focus on their core business without wasting valuable time managing their inactive records.Over time however, it was becoming increasingly apparent that managing their in-house active files was becoming a very costly, time consuming process for them as a business.

    The employee time spent archiving and retrieving records was turning into a full time job in itself.

    This was initially posed as an issue in 2011; it was at this point that Fileminders was challenged to offer their knowledge and expertise to solve this issue.

    In an effort to enable AIGs’ in-house operations to run more efficiently, effectively, eliminate costly employee time, and provide a better all-round solution to prompt customer service, Fileminders proposed and implemented the following:


    Fileminders reviewed the case as a whole, they proposed to offer AIG a combined scanning and document management software solution.Essentially the aim was to convert all of their active claims and policies to electronic form. This provided a unified solution combining physical and electronic archives.

    What did this achieve?

    Currently AIG employees, having experienced the smooth and painless transition, are able to access any file they need at any point right from their desk, converting their entire internal operation to a paper-less office in a day.

    Through their use of iCloud, a web based platform archiving all their electronic documents, they are able to work a user friendly system enabling only registered users to access information that they are authorized for only.

    This in turn has managed to drastically increase the security AIG is able to provide for their clients.

    Not only did this resolve the issue of wasting valuable employee time filing, retrieving and re-filing claims and policies, or enabling multiple employees to access the same claim or policy at the same time, it also allows for authorized personnel to track who is viewing and accessing what and when.

    Through this transition Fileminders have created a much more structured security process throughout their in-house operations.


    • Fast, efficient conversion of records to electronic form
    • Saves valuable office space, employee time and running costs
    • Complete safe access & electronic exchange of information without moving files
    • Secure document access by Multiple users at the same time
    • Manage the flow of documents between company divisions


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