• While information fuels the business engine, managing information correctly is a strategic opportunity used to improve performance. It’s been four years since Fileminders was challenged to make Hellenic Bank more efficient in terms of cost, time and space. Another task was to minimize the risk and increase the safety of the organization’s information. Fileminders delivered a complete solution for the entire records and information lifecycle.

    Fileminders custom-made solution for Hellenic Bank:

    Records Management

    The main concern for Hellenic bank was an ever growing lack of space due to large volumes of sensitive information. To solve this issue Fileminders had to relocate large amounts of significant records over a short period of time. 10 organization’s storage warehouses, nation-wide were closed down and all records were transferred to Fileminders.

    The solution included document storage, daily record retrieval from all branches, fast delivery, accurate indexing and on-going consulting.

    Secure Shredding

    At the end of its lifecycle, sensitive information must be destroyed securely and disposed of appropriately. Fileminders provided a corporate wide compliance solution for the destruction of large volumes of sensitive information thereby minimizing the risk of identity theft. Secure shredding bins were placed in the Headquarters and all branches of Hellenic Bank.

    Fileminders is currently following a default schedule for the organization’s document destruction according to the needs of each branch/building, ensuring that at the end of the process all paper is recycled.


    To have complete accessibility, security and fast retrieval of all your business records, regardless of their format or location, organizations have to streamline their daily procedures. Without an effective way to archive the growing volume of paper and electronic information, organizations are facing higher costs, lower productivity, and increased compliance risk.

    Fileminders have provided Hellenic Bank with a solution based on the conversion of physical records to electronic records. This solution provided fast, reliable access to information through a strategy of digitizing records and establishing a defensible process for; capturing, coding, organizing, and analyzing information.

    Fileminders are currently digitizing approximately 16.000 files, equating to around 110.000 images per month for Hellenic Bank alone.

    Document Management Software

    Document management software helps to relieve any business of an unnecessary paper load by enabling users to quickly and efficiently access all their information electronically. A paperless office frees up valuable space and reduces cost in an environmentally friendly manner.

    Hellenic Bank is currently using iGuana Document Management Software, which has enabled bank employees at all levels to access any documents they may need at any time. From a mere click of a button they are able to find and view the relevant information without even getting up from their desk.

    Fileminders can deliver customized information management solutions according to the needs of each client. These solutions make data accessible, compliance achievable and security a priority.

    If you want to download on a PDF format click here.


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