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Contract Lifecycle Management

Our Contract Management Solution is designed to streamline your Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM).  Access, analyze, and act on contract related tasks and information instantly and from anywhere. Our CLM solutions will improve efficiency, consistency, reporting and control, from initial request, through negotiation to final archiving. 

Besides streamlining contract management processes, our Document Management solutions is built with robust CLM capabilities that supports collaborations with suppliers and other partners. They also support mobile workforces with anywhere access to contracts and enable remote employees to participate in contract-related workflows while they're out of the office. 

Leveraging our CLM solution helps to eliminate the risks associated with manual contract management processes. Slow and inefficient manual contract lifecycle management processes can directly degrade customer and/or supplier satisfaction and weaken relationships, both of which can tarnish the reputation of the company. 

Customer Benefit:

  • Easy to use: Simple and User friendly interface that increses adaptability 
  • Increase productivity: Automate your contract authoring and approval processes and let our solution remind you of expiring contracts well before the deadline
  • Bring a paper light office to reality: Transition to a more efficient and effective document processing structure and remove bulky filing cabinets and inefficient manual paper processes
  • Control access to your documents

Our solution gives you permission based access by role and metadata, so that access can be controlled on an individual basis or by groups such as "Visible Only to Management" or "Read-Only to Everyone, Editable by HR". 

The ability to process this information quickly, accurately, securely, and efficiently is key to improve your organization’s performance and ultimately profitability. We help you improve this document centric business process, so that you can concentrate on your core business activities.

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