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Virtual Data Room

Share Critical Information with absolute confidence

Our Intralinks document sharing and collaboration tool is designed with the highest security standards and ease of use in mind, to allow businesses to access and share secure documents anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

It’s a completely different proposition to the common practices of sharing documents by email, or using commercial online document sharing tools.

The secure Virtual Data Room enables business to share information with potential partners or customers safely.

System features:

  • Create a project folder to upload contracts, financial statements and other due diligence files Get notified when anyone downloads, uploads, adds comments or makes edits
  • Folder content is accessible only to people you specify. Restrict privileges to Preview Only or Upload Only so you stay in control of who's accessing what
  • Multiple layers of protection keep your business deals safe and secure. Set up a timeline to determine when a shared file will be deleted or shared link will be deactivated
  • Share files without limits on file size or storage and collaborate with discussion threads, activity alerts, and version control
  • Plug-in free IRM enables control over how recipients use shared content, even after downloading
  • Bank-Grade security
  • Collaborate easily on large files with any third party 
  • Add or remove participants or content at any time


Save time and work smarter and do it all with the confidence of knowing your information is entirely secure. Talk to us today for help finding the right solution for your business.

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