Records Management

Offsite Media Storage

Because your company’s future depends on it

Fileminders Backup Media Management service has been set up to comply with even the highest regulated industries, as well as, fit the backup and rotation policy of each client. We customize the rotation schedule of your backup media to accommodate your needs, regardless if they are daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Our Media Vault is equipped with access, temperature, dust and humidity controls and security cameras with 24/7 monitoring. The media cases used for transport are industry standard to withstand physical and thermal shock. Furthermore, the vehicles are equipped with GPS for continuous monitoring and tracking of your Backup Media at all times.

Customer Benefits

  • Become your contingency plan to minimize business disruption
  • Reduce your downtime and operational expenses
  • Be part of your business continuity and disaster recovery procedure
  • Cost effective solution customized to your needs


Fileminders offsite Backup Media Management service is the best and safest solution to avoid the consequences of hardware malfunctions, human errors, software corruption and natural disasters. Talk to us today for help finding the right Backup Media solution for your business.

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