Records Management

Indexing and Cataloguing

Quality ensured every step of the way

Our indexing and cataloguing procedure is our most critical Record Management function as it allows us to insert your records in our advance inventory management system. Individual files are indexed and catalogued based on predetermined searching criteria that are based on each specific document type. These unique pieces of information are barcoded and are used to identify each individual record as well track every movement of every file, establishing an unbroken chain of custody.

Fileminders Records Management department has gained extensive knowhow through the years serving the indexing and cataloguing needs of our clients that spam across multiple industries. We have used this knowledge and experience to standardized general indexing fields regarding each industry and document type. This allows us to offer unparalleled indexing and cataloguing service that is fast, accurate and fully compliant.

Customer Benefits

  • Full audit trail of file movement 
  • 100% file find assurance
  • Dramatic reduction of time wasted searching for individual files 
  • Full inventory listing of files in storage
  • Ability to recall individual file
  • Record of due destruction date for individual files

To discuss how we can help you manage and monitor your documents and adapt the best practices for document security, access and compliance get in contact with our team today. We will help you find the right solution for your business.

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