Records Management

Secure Destruction

Don’t gamble with your confidential information, Destroy it

A healthy Records Management system must include policies and procedures that direct how you plan to retain information. We help you determine this plan based on your business needs as well as what’s required by law, regulation and agreements between your organization and third parties

Once the minimum retention time requirements have been met we securely destroy your information following procedures that review each record and certify its destruction.

Such retention policies reduce costs for storage and handling and also help organizations stay compliant. Following the secure destruction process a certificate of destruction is provided for compliance purposes.

Customer Benefits

  • Dispose of your confidential information in a secure and environmentally friendly manner
  • Comply with industry law and legislation
  • Reduce monthly storage costs

All collected material is destroyed to an unrecoverable state, in accordance to the National Association of Information Destruction best practices. Following the destruction process the aggregated material is recycled and a Certificate of Destruction is provided.

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