Secure Destruction

Shredding On Demand

Cost effective, Secure and Environmentally Friendly

In addition to our Scheduled Document Shredding service, we offer as needed Shredding on Demand option to meet the needs of any organization or government institution.

Secure Shredding on Demand

  • This is a good option under several business scenarios or situations: 
  • Destruction of paper documents to maintain compliance
  • Implementation of a new records management program or retention schedule
  • Completion of a tax audit or litigation matter 
  • Facility relocations and consolidations
  • Cleaning out store and file rooms

Customer Benefits:

  • Implement a process to dispose of your confidential information that is both secure and environmentally friendly
  • Enhance compliance with a detailed chain of custody and certificate of destruction
  • Remove the cost of managing obsolete information
  • Adhere to the National Association of Information Destruction best practices for the secure destruction of confidential information.
  • Protect your information against identify theft
  • Safeguard your reputation
  • Reduce the risk of information breach

All documents are handled with a transparent and tightly controlled Chain of Custody that provides a historical workflow from the moment we collect your documents to the time we shred them. This integrated process, removes all risk and liability associated with your document retention policy as it provides proof of destruction for compliance purposes.

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